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Function Meets Style

No more leaks in your bag. The patented locking twist-cap design provides a sturdy air-tight seal.

Made from 100% BPA free, food-grade materials, Nomader Sports Bottles are safe and eco friendly.

Fold up and toss in your bag, place in a bike bottle holder, or carry on your wrist with the attached fabric strap.

Designed with impact resistant silicone, the Nomader water bottle is guaranteed to never shatter or dent.

Non Toxic



Lifetime Warranty

Leak Proof


Designed to make a statement with bold features and vibrant colors. Available in blue, pink, and gray.

The twist-cap doubles as a hygienic spout cover, shielding your drink's mouthpiece from grime and germs.

Sturdy without or without liquid, collapsible for travel, handles hot or ice cold drinks, and dishwasher safe!

Attaches to your wrist with fabric carry strap. 

Collapsible for travel, camping and outdoors.

Fits in most cup holders and bike bottle racks.

Ultra Portable

With a thick silicone body and a rigid insulated sleeve, this unique sports bottle maintains its shape with or without liquid. Foldable for compact travel, or can be carried on your wrist with it durable fabric strap.

Hygienic spout cover to keep out grime.

Patented locking twist cap not only eliminates spills with a quick half-turn, it doubles as a hygienic spout cover - keeping grime off your bottle's mouthpiece.

Durable twist-top locking mechanism.

Leak Proof

22 ounce capacity for hot or cold drinks.

No after-taste or odor.

Recyclable eco-friendly material.

Certified BPA free with no harmful toxins, this safe, eco friendly water bottle has zero aftertaste or odor. Made from 100% food-grade material.

Non Toxic

BPA free Platinum silicone.

Cool Gray

MSRP: $29.95
SALE: $16.95

Vibrant Blue

MSRP: $29.95

 SALE: $16.95

Turn heads with this unique collapsible water bottle, available in translucent blue, pink, or gray. Includes a matching color gift box with instructions on usage and care. Ideal for travel, exercise, yoga, work, school, or inspiring your inner nomad.

Stylish Colors

Neon Pink

MSRP: $29.95

 SALE: $16.95

Lifetime Warranty

At Nomader, we obsess over creating superior, long-lasting products. As such, we back our collapsible water bottle products with a 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee, and a Lifetime Warranty against any manufacturing defects. 

If there’s something wrong with one of the new Nomader water bottles you purchased from us on Amazon, please contact us by clicking here, and we will do everything we can to make it right. 

For all the lawyers out there, here's the official wording of our Lifetime Warranty in suitably fine print.

About Us

Inspired by digital nomads, Nomader (No·mad·er) has one compelling mission; outfit the modern traveler to make their experience as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible. 

Drawing on our resources and inspirations from around the globe, we set out to provide travel and active lifestyle gear that’s innovative, stylish, and durable.

Our unique sports water bottles are perfect for travel, hiking, camping & outdoors, yoga, biking, and the gym. 

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